Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/DD)

Homeward Bound has three homes licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/DD).

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Supported Living Services (SLS)

Homeward Bound currently has 14 homes licensed as adult or child foster care.

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Community Alternative Care (CAC)

The CAC waiver homes are for individuals who have extremely high medical needs and require 24 hour nursing services. Homeward Bound has two homes licensed as a CAC home.

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In-Home Services

Homeward Bound's In-Home Services offers training, care, and supervision to families and caregivers who have children or adults with a broad range of abilities and needs, living in their homes or in foster care settings.

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Individualized Housing Options (IHO)

Individualized Housing Options are developed to serve individuals in their own living environment.

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Scott's Story

When asked what it means to live at Homeward Bound, Scott simply replies, "New Life." His favorite part? Getting out into the community.

Contact Information

For ICF/DD, SLS and CAC living opportunities, email Mary Carlson at or call at (763) 746-4802.

For In-Home and IHO living opportunities, email Tiffany Rodgers at or call at (763) 746-4858