Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/MR)

Homeward Bound has three homes licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/MR). We have one home in Brooklyn Park where 32 people live with eight individuals living in each of the homes. Homeward Bound Brooklyn Park provides 24 hours nursing services to children and adults with higher medical needs with various physical and intellectual abilities. Each home has a fulltime QMRP/supervisor. The staff to individual ratio is 1:2 as well as support staff and awake overnight staff. Homeward Bound Brooklyn Park also provides Services During the Day for individuals who have high medical needs and are unable to attend an off-site Day Treatment/Habilitation Program.
We also have two ICF/MR homes located in Maple Grove and Plymouth licensed for six individuals. Each of the homes provides 15 hours of nursing services per week, a fulltime QMRP/supervisor and a 1:2 staff to individual ratio and awake overnight staff.

Supported Living Services (Residential Homes)

Homeward Bound currently has 14 homes licensed as adult or child foster care. Our homes are located throughout Hennepin County in the northern and western suburbs; all homes are handicapped accessible. Currently each of the homes has four individuals with various physical, medical and intellectual abilities. Each home has a fulltime supervisor, 10 hours of nursing services per week, a 1:2 staff to individual ratio and an awake overnight staff.

CAC Services (Community Alternative Care)

The CAC waiver homes are for individuals who have extremely high medical needs and require 24 hour nursing services. The objective of a CAC home is to provide optimal services to individuals and help to keep them out of the hospital.

Homeward Bound's two CAC homes are licensed as Home Health Care and Adult Foster Care. The homes are located in the suburbs of Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park; each home has four individuals. Each of our CAC homes has individuals who may have a trach, be on a ventilator for assisted breathing or have severe medical needs that require 24 hour nursing. Each of the CAC homes has an Registered Nurse (RN) as the supervisor and either a RN or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) working on each shift. The houses have an awake overnight staff that is either an RN or LPN. The staff to individual ratio is 1:2.

In-Home Services

In-Home Services are developed to serve individuals in their own living environment. Homeward Bound will provide In-Home services to individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs.. We will assist you or your family member with a variety of services including daily living routines, managing their finances, grocery shopping, medical appointments, community activities or more.

Scott's Story

When asked what it means to live at Homeward Bound, Scott simply replies, "New Life." His favorite part? Getting out into the community.

Find Out More

Homeward Bound creates opportunities for individuals to experience living at its fullest with dignity, respect and personal growth.

For potential living opportunities, email Mary Carlson at or call at (763) 746-4802.

For general information regarding program/services, email Cheryl Foley at or call at (763) 566-7860 ext. 229.